Titanium Carbide Ceramic/Porcelain/Glass Drill Bit, Cross Spear Point Head Drill Bits

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Cross spear point head Drill Bit for glass, ceramic and porcelain
  • Fast drilling
  • Very Durable

Material: Carbide Alloy
Bit Type:Tile & Glass Drill Bit
Coated: Titanium
Drill Diameter: 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm

Application: wood, metal, glass, marble and rock drilling

It has strong toughness and wear resistance.
Can be installed in the hand drill, electric drill.
Industrial grade of Titanium Coated Carbide Point with 4 Cutting edges.
Cuts perfectly round holes without chipping or breaking the material.
The drill hole is smooth and complete, it won't produce shock phenomenon, easy to position.
Small incision resistance, can improve working speed and easy operation.
Suitable for drilling holes in Ceramics, granite, tiles, stone, wood, plastic and concrete wall. 

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