Tilefix wetroom tray SLIM 300 PRO 4S (4slopes) liner drain with high efficiency trap

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TILEFIX PRO 4S SLIM Liner( first value is a drain side)



SLIM WET ROOM TRAYS main advantage is ease of installation.

Because of only 20mm height, it is not necessary to cut or shave the floor joists.

Its thickness matches the tongue and grove floors.

You will save time and money by going SLIM.



– made from extruded polystyrene (XPS), reinforced on both sides with glass fibre

– fixed tray sloping allows free outflow of water

– complete waterproofness and resistance to biological and chemical degradation like fungi and moulds

– designed for being covered with ceramic, porcelain or natural stone cladding materials

– allows achieving the effect of greater space and its unrestricted arrangement.

-Viega Trap: professional trap with a capacity of up to 72l/minute from the German world leader of trap systems.

-the product has the Technical Approval Certificate of the Building Research Institute (ITB) no AT-15-9012/2012

It allows the effect of greater space and its unlimited arrangement. Very efficient in bathrooms, bathing salons, SPA & Wellness or other leisure facilities.

The wetroom tray sets a new standard, standard of open space, reflecting the lifestyle aimed at your well-being. The tray is a structural element made from Platte Construction Board (extruded polystyrene – XPS core) with fixed sloping and an integrated linear drain. The shower tray is designed for being covered with ceramic cladding, such as ceramic tiles, natural stone or glass mosaic. The integrated water drain guarantees 100% tightness, whereas board sloping allow easy outflow of water.

What is in the Set?

-Wet room tray with integrated linear water drain

-Visign ER4 masking grate (to be finished with tiles)

-Viega Trap

-WIM FLEXBAND sealing band (4.5 metres)

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