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- It is a one-component

- Solvent-free

- Ready-to-use elastic adhesive and sealer based on a hybrid polymer with a neutral curing system. 

- It has high resistance to changing weather conditions, 

- Resistance to high and low temperatures, and UV radiation. 

- Resistant to ageing and the formation of fungi and mold.


Recommended for bonding and sealing of  building boards (with a core made of extruded polystyrene XPS coated with cement mortar and reinforced with mesh)

Recommended for bonding and sealing connections between the  floor tiling and the wall, cement floor

For watertight bonding and sealing of edge joints of mats and sealing bands with a polypropylene nonwoven

For assembly, gluing and sealing elements made of various materials such as ceramic tiles, natural stone, wood, glass, metal, plastics, polystyrene

Excellent adhesion to most materials and substrates used in construction such as: cement mortars, aluminium, extruded polystyrene (XPS), ABS, steel

Ideal for sealing slightly moisturized non-porous surfaces

It is characterized by minimal loss of mass and volume after curing

For filling expansion gaps and connection joints between ceramic tiles and other finishing elements, especially on the outside of buildings

WIM STRONG can be painted with paint

Gluing: approx. 150g / m² per 1 mm layer thickness 

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