Lithofin Easy Care - 1 Litre

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Universally suitable for cleaning all water-resistant interior surfaces such as different types of stone, ceramic tiles, clinker, brick, clay slabs and all types of plastics and lacquered surfaces etc. Colours will become stronger and therefore tiles more attractive after regular use. Concentrate, high yield,  it does not form layers.

For maintenance of all flooring surfaces Universally usable for cleaning all water-resistant interior surfaces, such as all ceramic tiles, clinker, brick and clay slabs, all types of stone, plastics, lacquered surfaces etc. For gentle cleaning and maintenance. Colours will become stronger with regular use, making floors more attractive.

Lithofin EASY-CARE contains agents that take up the dirt and make them easy to remove by wiping. The remaining extremely thin care film is free of wax and does not build any layers. With continued use, the surface’s appearance will improve in colour and structure. Lithofin EASY-CARE leaves a pleasant odour.

Field of Use:
Surfaces: all-natural stones such as Carrara, travertine, jura marble, porphyry, serizzo, sandstone as well as engineered stone. Unglazed ceramics, terracotta, quarry tiles, wood, and plastics, etc.

For regular maintenance cleaning of all marble and natural stone surfaces.

Directions for Use:
Lithofin EASY-CARE is added to lukewarm water. One squirt (approx. 20ml) per 10 litres of water. In case of absorbent, dirty surfaces use a bit more. After wiping, allow the residues to dry on the surface, do not rinse with clear water. Use either a floor mop, cloth, or cleaning machine for wiping.

Lithofin EASY-CARE is a high-yielding concentrate and very economical. On large areas which are machine cleaned daily approx. 3 litres per 100m² will be needed per month.

In areas subject to heavy wear and tear and on very dirty surfaces, it may be necessary to occasionally use Lithofin WEXA or Lithofin MN Power-Clean.

Keep closed and cool. Not above 25°C.
Has a shelf life of up to five years.

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