FIX-A-FLOOR Extra Strong Adhesive for Tile Repair

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Fix-A-Floor Extra Strength Bonding Adhesive for Loose and Hollow Tile Repair

- Cost effective
- Time saving
- Super strong
- Long lasting
- Easy to use
Are you having trouble with your tiles or flooring at home? can offer you a solution different to simply replacing loose or hollow floor tiles, with this super strong Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive. All you need to do is simply apply a little drilling and filling to your current tiles, and they will seem like new again!
If you were to decide to replace your problem tiles or flooring, it can become a costly process. Removing the tiles from the area will probably mean having to find a matching tile to replace it - and possibly the cost of a floor tiling specialist to carry out the task. However, the Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive provides you with a cost-effective alternative, that is both simple in use and effective in performance. Fast, easy and affordable.

To apply the adhesive, you simply drill holes in the grout around the tiles and, with use of a caulking gun (NOT SUPPLIED), then inject the extra strong bonding adhesive directly. You then need to let it dry over 24 hours, before finishing the process by re-grouting the drill holes you previously made - it really is just a drill & fills exercise. When applying to do not use excessive force, gentle pressure will prevent leakage from the rear of the tube. Just drill & fill through the grout lines or wood, Fix-A-Floor will travel under the flooring and remove the squeaky & hollow sounds you have been experiencing.

Fix-A-Floor should not be stored in cold/freezing conditions - store at room temperature.
Fix-A-Floor works on every type of tile, marble, stone & wood flooring - and one 10oz tube of this adhesive will cover approximately 2 to 4 Sq Ft area, we recommend 3 Tubes or more for larger areas.
Ideal for an underfloor heated area as Fix-A-Floor does not suppress any heat. Fix-A-Floor is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and eco-friendly

1 The tube contains 10oz of fluid

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